Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Keeping it 1,000 Hunnit!

He's phony, he's fake, that's the type of people I hate. If your tired of your favorite rapper fronting in the videos, acting like they're rich, or abusively yelling a whole bunch of shit that don't make sense, come to GrindHouse Muzik. Keeping it 1,000 hunnit is important to the GRIND because keeping it real is important to you. C.I.T.Y is attempting to fulfill the void in Hip Hop that's denied its listeners the ability to relate to the artist. With each weekly installment of the Pre-flush he has accomplished this goal by relating to his audience in captivating form.

BEWARE all you MC's, rappers, or self proclaimed lyricist, for your future is dim, Real Dim, Dark as hell Dim......

Until next time......GRIND!

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